Attrition Reduction Software

Call center attrition has long been approached as a fact of life. Executives assume that the pay offered by the industry has doomed them to a revolving door. Their view is evident in the assumptions they embrace about attrition (they don't factor in many of the costs) and in their half-hearted attempts to fix it. But Tenacity has a scientific solution.

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The Problem

Attrition costs you money. U.S.-based call center companies lose about $7200 per attrit in an $11 an hour call center with 3 weeks of training, 1 week of nesting, and a 6 month productivity ramp. Similar Filipino centers lose $3500 per attrit.

The Solution

Even in a large call center, everyone wants to do work that matters. You need to foster a sense of belonging around the people and the work. It’s not about counting seconds or revolutionary new KPIs. By bringing together data science, sensors, and social science, we have figured out how to use technology to create community and foster resilience among employees. That gets them to stay.

Tenacity’s Attrition Reduction Software Features:

Grit-Driven Programs

The idea of software reducing attrition is counterintuitive to many, but our programs aim at attrition reduction by teaching agents to cope with long, lonely hours trying to please someone they’ve never met on the other end of a phone.

Curated Content / Social Matrix Analytics

The goal of our curated content is to build bonds between co-workers. Social matrix analytics lets you see bonds develop and attrition drop. Let these become the new KPIs you track.

Actual Results

Tenacity reduces attrition between 1/5th and 1/3rd in our client centers. Many other “workforce optimization” or “employee motivation” platforms have almost no data backing up their claims.

Call center agent and tenacity user

After Tenacity came in, my life actually got significantly better because the fact that I knew what I was doing was actually helping me become a better me and it made me much less stressed and it -- I can't even bring all of it into words because of how amazing it was.


Better retention means real money in your center. The ROI benefits of happier healthier agents are quantifiable and real, and can unlock unrealized revenue potential for your business.

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