Call Center Gamification Software

Gamification is all the rage, with a host of breathless “market experts” declaring it the next big thing. Unfortunately, when approached in conventional terms, it doesn't work as intended. There’s a better way!

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The Problem

Gamification is, on its face, redundant. Call centers are gamified already by their performance management approach. Adding “fun badges” just insults your employees.You need to gamify the right things, in the right ways -- because while intuitively games are great and fun, the majority of them aren’t designed to improve anything.

The Solution

While metrics and KPIs are held dear and important, you need a platform that actually makes people happier, healthier, more resilient and more closely connected to one another. That will reduce attrition, decrease costs, and increase productivity. What we do is not gamification in the way you think about it normally.

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Tenacity’s Call Center Gamification Features:

Peer Coaching

Our call center gamification software focuses on teaching agents how to coach each other, nurturing a supportive environment that drives engagement.

Instant Analytics

Automatically understand the social dynamics of your center, and subsequently deploy team building interventions that will surgically transform the experience of working at your center.

Proven Incentive Systems

Developed at MIT, Tenacity's solution incorporates breakthrough research to change agent behavior by leveraging social networks.

Call center agent and tenacity user

People were now finding support in groups that they didn’t have before. You know, there were single moms now getting together. There were all the gamer dudes getting together, you know. There were people who didn’t have any interest alike, and now they’re going to the gym together. So I think it became the support system that, not just a call center needs, but anyone really needs in their life is that opportunity to reach out to someone and make a friend.


Better retention means real money in your center. The ROI benefits of happier healthier agents are quantifiable and real, and can unlock unrealized revenue potential for your business.

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