Employee Motivation and
Recognition Software

Oftentimes, platforms aimed at employee motivation and recognition are rooted in checking boxes as opposed to real, human-to-human connection. Checking boxes can advance a specific issue, but it doesn’t drive actual call center motivation.

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The Problem

There has been a long debate in personnel circles about recognizing talent and high-potentials, or “Hi-Pos.” In reality, there is nothing left to get from expanding recognition of top performance in the call center. That lemon has been squeezed dry, with most approaches focusing on “how to get the most out of them,” as opposed to “how to invest in them.” Those are very different approaches.

The Solution

The employee environment and agent quality of life need improvement. We need to make sure supervisors are driving retention, not driving attrition by becoming sources of added stress. We cannot carrot-and-stick our call center staff to death. Employees need to feel seen, heard, and connected in order to thrive. This is a path to doing just that.

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Tenacity’s Employee Motivation and Recognition Software Features:

Mentoring Programs

We teach employees how to motivate and recognize peers, fostering a deep sense of connection (and less attrition). We provide tools for employee motivation and recognition within call center teams.

Optimized Group Dynamics

Motivation and recognition come from connection to colleagues and supervisors. Our programs work to build the values of self-sacrifice, solidarity, and care.

Self-Deployment i.e. Time-Saving

These programs aren’t the dreaded “another thing a manager has to handle.” They can be scaled because they are self-deployed among agents.

Call center
agent and
tenacity user

After Tenacity showed up, positivity reined. It was-- things were bad, like I'm definitely not going to sugarcoat the fact that a call center is definitely one of the hardest places to work ever. I mean you're not doing manual labor, but you are working your mind and soul to the core trying to please these people that don't know you. After the Tenacity program came out people started breathing, people started interacting more, people started feeling human. It's like they stepped out of their home that they'd been in for 10 years. It's like, there's air out here, it's great, you know, things are happy. Tenacity made people happy


Better retention means real money in your center. The ROI benefits of happier healthier agents are quantifiable and real, and can unlock unrealized revenue potential for your business.

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