Performance Management Software

Performance management software was a revolutionary concept 15 years ago. But the value has been extracted - employees have been measured, compared, and carrot-and-sticked to death. Tenacity offers a better way to improve performance. We have built a scalable way to invest in their quality of life.

Invest in your people and grow your business
The Problem

Traditional performance management has little to offer in terms of further productivity gains. In order to further improve performance, systems need improvement, skills need expansion, and people’s basic capacity needs to grow. Tenacity tackles the latter, in an automatic, scalable fashion.

The Solution

You need a scalable system that improves employee quality of life by fostering a resilient workforce, building bonds between employees, and making the work more meaningful. Without managing the behavioral inputs to these, employees’ basic capacities for thriving will always be limited.

Tenacity’s Performance Management Software Features:

Inputs to Basic Human Capabilities

Our approach to performance management centers around proven resilience-enhancing experiences, like mindfulness training and compartmentalization.

Habit-Changing Algorithms

The goal of any performance management program isn’t to shift process. It’s to change behavior, and that comes from habits being shifted. Resilience needs to be a long-term character trait for agents. We help them get there.


The only real way to change behavior in an organization is through connections with people, not ploys or games around potential extra incentives. People will work hard when they feel supported by different levels of an organization. Our solution self-deploys around that central concept.

Call center agent and tenacity user

At my old jobs, I thought about calling in or quitting just about every day. It wasn’t good. The toughest thing about being a call center agent is the stress. Tenacity helps to motivate us every day. It helps us to relieve stress. We’ve brought in other programs at different jobs I’ve had, but nothing has compared to Tenacity. Since we started working with the features they offer, I’ve actually lost 120 pounds.


Better retention means real money in your center. The ROI benefits of happier healthier agents are quantifiable and real, and can unlock unrealized revenue potential for your business.

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