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Much of call center work is by definition “shallow.” But most of our knowledge about how to optimize a contact center involves creative, deeper work. The sad result is that we’ve predominantly thought of call center optimization in spreadsheet terms. That can now change.

What’s the path to change?
The Problem

Unfortunately, over the past decade or more, “workforce optimization” has become a buzzword that typically means the opposite is happening -- your workforce is exhausted, depressed, and has one foot out the door. . The great irony is that it optimizes the work, the process, the flow, and the conformity to script. The workers have been forgotten.

The Solution

Focus on agent quality of life -- i.e. the needs of your call center staff. That (and essentially that alone) will lead to an optimized workforce. Research suggests you need to foster a resilient workforce, help them build social connections with co-workers, and you’ve got to attach a degree of meaning to the work. If you lack these three things, employees view you as a commodity. You can be exchanged.

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Tenacity’s Workforce Optimization Software Features:

Behavior Change Modules

These aren’t designed around KPIs like handle time, but rather how connection between colleagues can impact change.

Technology That Does Its Job

WFO, QA, and skills routing are useful technologies, but they don’t optimize the workforce. They try to make the work itself more efficient. Our approach tries to make the people better.

Legitimate Results

In one call center we worked with, a 12% drop in absenteeism in 90 days freed up $350,000 in revenue. That is workforce optimization, and it keeps the bottom line happy as well.


Tenacity made a huge difference in my call center. I saw people walking around with smiles, even though it’s a really high stressful job. Stress went down, absenteeism went down. It strengthened the whole culture of the call center. The program really ran itself. I sure would encourage all call center directors to give it a try. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s great!


Better retention means real money in your center. The ROI benefits of happier healthier agents are quantifiable and real, and can unlock unrealized revenue potential for your business.

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