The Inherent Flaw In Call Center Stress Discussions

call center stress discussions

Call center stress has always been an elephant in the room for customer service organizations. The people running these places know it exists, but they don’t necessarily acknowledge it unless some productivity KPI begins to suffer — like what happened recently in a Louisville 911 call center, or when AT&T was on the verge of […]

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Where Contact Center Customer Experience is Headed in 2017

contact center customer experience

Recently, Tenacity CEO Ron Davis sat down with Mariann McDonagh, host of Tenacity Talk Radio, to discuss the trends he is seeing in contact center customer experience and how it will continue to evolve in 2017. Mariann: What does customer experience mean in a contact center? Ron: Customer experience, in the contact center context, is […]

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KPIs Aren’t The Sole Driver Of Employee Morale

driver of employee morale

True, if scary, story: I once visited a call center (well, that part I do a lot) and saw about 700 phone stations. Most of the employees in this particular call center were temporary, although the VP manager — a 6-foot-8, chiseled late 30-something male in a $7,000 suit — was definitely permanent. At the […]

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Is Your Employee Appreciation Program Actually Condescending?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Agent Quality of Life, Motivation and Recognition

employee appreciation program

Employee appreciation is, well, an interesting concept. There’s a whole day dedicated to it (this year it’s Friday, March 3rd), and if you Google around the concept, most of the top hits are related to appreciating employees without breaking the bank. That’s why I used “interesting” above. It feels like most companies are doing with […]

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How Tenacity Helps Contact Centers Improve Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Engagement

In the past year, we’ve helped a number of organizations improve employee engagement with our award-winning Retention-as-a-Service platform. Below we highlight just a few of our customers and what they have to say about how Tenacity transformed their contact center culture. Brad is a user who, before Tenacity was deployed by his contact center, felt like […]

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Magic Brownies: How to Measure the Effect of a Program When a Lot of Other Stuff is Changing

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Agent Attrition, Costs and Measurement

measure the effect of a program

Good entrepreneurs build solutions to problems they face in everyday life. I do the next best thing—I write angry blogs about frustrating conversations. Today is no different. Over the last eight months, Tenacity has shown a staggering ROI of over 600% at a particular North American call center. However, the site is changing hands, and […]

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