Call Center Memes: By Agents, For Agents

Daniel Doctor Author: Daniel Doctor
Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Agent Quality of Life, Employee Engagement, Motivation and Recognition

At Tenacity, we talk a lot about the agent experience. The theme tends to center around the immense stress and loneliness that comes with the job, which is not always a fun topic. Agents deal with a host of day-to-day frustrations that most people would deal with by slamming their heads against a wall.

One of the most popular features in Tenacity is the community forum, where agents can meet one another, have conversations and also participate in Quests. Quests are designed to get people talking, engaging with tenacity and most importantly, building community. They always come with prizes as well, so on top of the fact that they are fun, a lucky agent could win $200 just for making a post in the forum. One of our favorite quests is the Drink Selfie Quest, where veteran agents take a newbie out to a drink, take a selfie of themselves and post it to the forum. This is helpful for newbies, who otherwise may find it hard to fit into a team (especially since they’re tied to the phone all day!). Having the opportunity to get to know someone more closely is really effective for retention and overall happiness at work. After all, work is always more enjoyable when your friends are around.

Recently, we had a quest where agents sent in memes about Tenacity and/or call center life. Yup, you guessed it, people went all out. We wanted to share some of our favorites!

When you just want to get off the phone:


Sometimes agents need a little fun of their own:


When the customer is just… the worst:


When you feel like you just can’t handle it:


And of course, our personal favorite:

So next time you’re making a call to a company, remember who’s on the other side of the phone. Even if you’re not out to make agents’ lives a little better like Tenacity is, you can still help by treating the human on the other side of the phone with the same level respect that you would want.


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