The Real Deal With Call Center Games

Friday, February 24, 2017 Call Center Gamification

call center games

I’m going to open by saying two potentially controversial things about modern business, so I hope you can keep reading after these bullets: Gamification, a strong contender for “Buzzword Of The Mid-2010s,” is actually stupid on its face — especially in call centers. Call centers are already gamified through performance management, where people are promoted, […]

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Call Centers: No More Data Driven than your Great-Auntie Sue

Saturday, August 20, 2016 Call Center Gamification

call centers data

Data Rich, Not Data Driven Contact center executives swim in data. For every season, there is a reason—for a spreadsheet. Extraordinarily expensive workforce optimization systems generate endless reams of numbers and dozens of KPIs for every employee. Snazzy new machine learning technologies analyze the sentence structure and intonations of employees and customers and provide billions […]

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Call Center Gamification: For Dummies

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Employee Turnover

call center gamification

A Badge For Brad “I want to speak with your supervisor…NOW.” Brad clenches. He’s great at his job and hates when he can’t help. Unfortunately, six months of hearing this hasn’t made it any less frustrating or dehumanizing. “Yes, ma’am. One moment while I connect you.” Yesterday he was a hero riding bikes with his […]

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