Optimizing The Outbound Call Center

Friday, April 21, 2017 Workforce Optimization

outbound call center

We all probably inherently know that an outbound call center — one typically focused on sales — is not usually going to be a stellar place to work. It’s all about numbers, and stress, and KPIs, and carrots and sticks. Buzzfeed, which doesn’t wade into the world of work that often, even has an article […]

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Where Contact Center Customer Experience is Headed in 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 Workforce Optimization

contact center customer experience

Recently, Tenacity CEO Ron Davis sat down with Mariann McDonagh, host of Tenacity Talk Radio, to discuss the trends he is seeing in contact center customer experience and how it will continue to evolve in 2017. Mariann: What does customer experience mean in a contact center? Ron: Customer experience, in the contact center context, is […]

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5 Call Center Metrics That Matter in 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Workforce Optimization

call center metrics

For too long, contact centers have been exclusively tracking metrics like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) that have nothing to do with improving job satisfaction and agent retention. And let’s face it—happy agents make happy customers, so they should be an important focus as you look to increase overall customer experience […]

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Employee Motivation: Performance Management, Recognition and Rewards

Monday, December 5, 2016 Workforce Optimization

employee motivation

Call center executives have been trying for decades to think about how best to motivate employees. Once upon a time, whiteboards and chalkboards adorned cubicle walls, updating a team on individual and group performance. Companies tracked their employees’ speed and their customers’ satisfaction and compared their employees to one another, targeting the best for promotions, […]

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7 Deadly Call Center Sins That Plague Employee Engagement

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 Employee Turnover

employee engagement

At Tenacity, we’re dedicated to showing contact centers how low employee engagement and high turnover issues are having troubling effects on customer experience and operational efficiency. In our recent report on call center attrition and absenteeism, we estimated that a 1,000 seat BPO can incur roughly $8.5M in turnover expenses per year by not improving […]

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5 Ways To Motivate Call Center Employees

Thursday, October 20, 2016 Workforce Optimization

motivate call center employees

A motivated call center employee is the last and most important line of defense in your push to deliver an exceptional customer experience. That’s because even the most carefully planned customer journey can break down. And when that happens, your clients will pick up the phone and want a real person on the other end […]

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