5 Reasons To Take Employee Engagement Away From HR

employee engagement HR

Employee Engagement is one of the most talked about topics in the corporate world today. But the conversation leaves a great deal to be desired. Fuzzy metrics, poor analysis and vapid “thought leadership” have spun up a billion-dollar industry with little to show for it. There is almost no evidence that the employee engagement industry […]

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NICE Pretends It Can Help with Call Center Employee Turnover. Again.

NICE turnover

Puff The Magic Dragon In a testament to its well-funded PR department, NICE convinced a tech journalist to write a softest-of-softball puff piece about a new feature in its WFO suite. Its title, “Can Nice Close the Revolving Door of Agent Attrition?” should have come with a bold-letter subheading: NO. Fool Me Once: Here is […]

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Retain Agents With Agent Quality… Of Life

retain agents

For three decades, the call center industry has gnashed its teeth about employee turnover. We have been told time and again that it is the #1 problem, it’s the most expensive challenge, and that we should tackle it by doing serious things like putting up cute posters of animals at work or handing out employee […]

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Call Centers: No More Data Driven than your Great-Auntie Sue

call centers data

Data Rich, Not Data Driven Contact center executives swim in data. For every season, there is a reason—for a spreadsheet. Extraordinarily expensive workforce optimization systems generate endless reams of numbers and dozens of KPIs for every employee. Snazzy new machine learning technologies analyze the sentence structure and intonations of employees and customers and provide billions […]

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Call Center Gamification: For Dummies

call center gamification

A Badge For Brad “I want to speak with your supervisor…NOW.” Brad clenches. He’s great at his job and hates when he can’t help. Unfortunately, six months of hearing this hasn’t made it any less frustrating or dehumanizing. “Yes, ma’am. One moment while I connect you.” Yesterday he was a hero riding bikes with his […]

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How to Measure the Costs of Call Center Employee Turnover Part VI: The Productivity Ramp and Bulking Up

Thursday, July 7, 2016 Employee Turnover, Agent Attrition, Costs and Measurement

productivity ramp

What started as a small project has turned into a long and winding road. I thought that insulting my potential clients by saying their estimated costs of employee are as random and dangerous as drunk darts would endear (Part I). Prudence should have told me otherwise. Now I’ve had to defend my playful insults with […]

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