CEOs: 3 Reasons Your Customer Experience Sucks

Monday, April 17, 2017 Costs and Measurement, Customer Experience

customer experience

United Airlines recently reminded us just how bad the customer experience can be. While most CEOs can feel smugly satisfied that their employees and surrogates don’t actually beat up their customers, the problem remains: most companies deliver a bad customer experience. This is a problem. Globalization and friction removing technologies have increased competition, which has […]

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7 Steps To Prepare Your Company To Reduce Attrition

Thursday, April 13, 2017 Agent Attrition, Costs and Measurement

reduce attrition

Attrition can hit you pretty hard financially, although oddly, some decision-makers in organizations seem to have their heads buried squarely in a mound of sand regarding the topic. (Semi-related: unclear, often repetitive middle management roles cost U.S.-based companies $3 trillion per year — yes, with a T — but we often seem to ignore that […]

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Lower Customer Acquisition Costs With A Simple Three Step Process

lower customer acquisition costs

How do you lower customer acquisition costs? That’s a pretty big question, right? If everyone believes in a ‘growth mindset’ at the moment, that means you need new customers. (And if you lost some customers recently, well, you need even more new customers.) But we’ve known since almost the dawn of time that customer acquisition […]

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A Practical Guide To Reducing Call Center Absenteeism (I Can Save You Money)

Monday, April 10, 2017 Costs and Measurement, Absenteeism

reducing call center absenteeism

I guess we should begin with a painful truth about call center employee absenteeism: only in rare cases do people (customers and executives of the company) care about the absenteeism in terms of, “Oh, is something wrong with that agent?” They often care about it strictly in KPI-driven terms. Since we founded Tenacity, we’ have […]

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The Secret Weapon For Customer Growth

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Brand

customer growth

Hard to ignore this reality: we live in a very growth-focused business time. The number of consultants out there who likely say “If you’re not growing, you’re dying!” in a given day might number in the millions. As a result of this (and a host of other factors), customer growth is a key concept in […]

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When Human Capital Management Is The CMO’s Problem

human capital management

Yep, add that to your plate. It’s your problem, and you ignore it at your peril. CMOs spend millions and sometimes billions of bucks to control perceptions of their brand and the customer experience. But they have made a baffling decision to cede control of one of the most important company interactions. When an existing […]

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