Unlike other technologies that suck up months of valuable project, staff and management time, Tenacity does it all for you. Tenacity’s proven E2 approach means that deployment of our retention-as-a-service solution is easy and effortless.

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Our typical time to full deployment is less than four weeks. The entire E2 process requires less than 12 hours from your supporting staff combined, enabling them to stay focused on their most important priorities. Here’s a quick rundown of how our E2 approach works:


Pre-Launch Activities

During Step 1, we’ll hold a brief kickoff meeting with site management and key stakeholders. During these meetings, we will identify the team that will work with Tenacity in the rollout, ensure an easy fit with our snap-on, zero footprint solution across your site’s devices, gather historical data and agent rosters and learn about your existing rewards systems

Promotion of Tenacity to Your Agent Base

Step 2 is all about building the Tenacity buzz! We’ll provide a complete kit of turn-key marketing materials that will help create excitement in your center, drive pre-registration for the system and shout from the rooftops how much your organization cares about agent quality of life. During this phase, we will also join supervisor calls and provide a quick 15 minute training and packaged messaging for their use.

Onsite Launch: Go Tenacity!

In Step 3, we parachute into your site (armed with great snacks and prizes!) to set up our onsite Tenacity presence in your break room, common area or wherever you designate. Our launch team will distribute fitness devices, help agents establish their Tenacity profile, and ensure great adoption of the system.

Ongoing Social Tuning and Reporting

During Step 4 and across our ongoing relationship, we’ll provide regular reporting on results, share data between our systems, support onboarding new agents on Tenacity and deliver critical Social Matrix Analytics insights that help us collectively drive positive change across your call center.

“Unlike other painful technology deployments, with Tenacity, all we had to do was drive the excitement and communication. The execution was effortless and frictionless for our team. They are truly easy to do business with.”

VP, Global BPO

How to retain employees resultsThe Results?

Within just a few short weeks, Tenacity transforms your center into a meaningful and rewarding workplace. You get lower absenteeism, dramatically improved agent retention and a better outcome for every customer.