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Increase employee retention, attendance and productivity, while boosting agent morale and loyalty with an easy to launch cloud-based software designed specifically for your call center.

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Tenacity reduces attrition and absenteeism by giving your agents a better quality of life.

“Tenacity made a huge difference in my call center. I saw people walking around with smiles, even though it’s a really high stressful job. Stress went down, absenteesim went down. It strengthened the whole culture of the call center. The program really ran itself. I sure would encourage all call center directors to give it a try. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s great!
Perry SSite Director

Tenacity is proven to reduce employee turnover by creating more resilient agents.

Bored of impotent initiatives like Taco Tuesdays, new incentives programs and yet another overhaul of your training curriculum? Tired of snake-oil technologies like gamification and wellness claiming they can make a difference but always avoiding real measurement? Us too.

Tenacity has proven through control trial measurement that it has a dramatic effect on agent attrition. In an age of self-help and IVR, customers on the phone are more frustrated and bring more difficult problems. Low idle-time means a relentless onslaught for your agents. This is one of the top drivers of employee turnover and absenteeism. We get your employees to manage their stress, blunting burnout and improving quality of life in your center.

Unlike WFO, Tenacity actually optimizes your workforce while improving agent performance.

Workforce optimization companies have claimed that technologies like skills routing, performance management, workforce management, QA, and others can help with employee turnover. While these technologies are quite useful, the one thing they don’t do is optimize the actual workforce. They optimize the work. Even gamification is just another form of performance management. Transform quality of life for your agents and you will actually optimizeyour workforce.

Want to improve your workforce performance? It is well documented that happier agents are more efficient and provide a better customer experience. Happier agents also quit less, which means you will have a more experienced workforce. And more experienced workforces perform better as well.

We turn employee incentives on their head to make work more meaningful while boosting employee engagement

Most employee incentive programs focus on the wrong behaviors and don’t change behavior anyway. Tenacity has figured out exactly what will change your employee’s behavior. Spun off from the world’s leading social-dynamics lab at MIT, Tenacity has used science to master the art of getting employees to do things that transform your center into a compelling, meaningful and rewarding place to work.

Tenacity uses data science to engage employees and build community in your call center. Our proprietary social matrix analytics diagnose underlying problems in your workplace social fabric. Our AI system pushes out targeted teambuilding exercises to fix them. And our adaptive behavior change algorithm gets your agents to actually do them. It transforms the social environment of your center.

Unlike internal initiatives, Tenacity is affordable, scalable and sustainable.

Many companies believe that incentives programs, recognition awards, and various employee appreciation ideas will decrease employee turnover and increase employee engagement. These are bandaids that rarely get at the heart of the problem.

There are retention strategies that can help with the agent attrition; they involve significant autonomy for agents, team based work, and clear career paths out of the call center. For most contact centers, these are not realistic, scalable, or sustainable options. Let our technology do the heavy lifting.

See how Tenacity can help reduce attrition and absenteeism for your organization!

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How Tenacity Works

Tenacity uses scientific breakthroughs in “Social Physics” to improve agent’s resilience and loyalty to your call center.

Other Features Include...

Cloud-based platform
Your employees can log in effortlessly from any device, at home, from work or on-the go. No integration with your current systems is required.

24/7 Support
Tenacity provides round the clock online support for your employees.

Dedicated Community Manager
You will have a dedicated go-to community manager who will provide additional help and support to your agents and site management.

Easy Squared

Unlike other technologies that suck up months of valuable project, staff and management time, Tenacity does it all for you. Tenacity’s proven E2 approach means that deployment of our retention-as-a-service solution is easy and effortless.

Our typical time to full deployment is less than four weeks. The entire E2 process requires less than 12 hours from your supporting staff combined.

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Delightful Agent Experience

Agents access Tenacity through our web-portal, primarily on their own time. They get direct support from Tenacity’s team, so your call center management can focus on other priorities.

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