How This Call Center Agent Became Healthier With Tenacity

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I deal with a bunch of angry customers, in my department we say no a lot, so we have a lot of angry people on the phone.

My first call in this building, somebody called and said, ‘Are you one of the idiots in Detroit or are you one of the idiots in Manila?’

The most frustrating thing that someone has said to me is when my grandmother had passed about two years ago and I had missed a day because of that and when I came back I told a customer, ‘I’m sorry for missing your call, this is what happened.’ And they said, ‘I don’t care about your grandma I want my problem fixed.’

The job feels isolating sometimes because you are trained to want to go above and beyond for the customer, well sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

Interaction changed when Tenacity showed up.  People were more encouraging, they have buddy systems they worked with and they wanted their buddies to work.

Tenacity has helped connect other coworkers because we have to get friends or buddies or players.  So people you may have never spoken or never talked to, you actually speak to them now.

I think Tenacity changed the overall health for the center.

It helped me actually lose weight because I’ve lost 45 pounds this year and I did not walk before Tenacity came over.  So I guess it gave me a little bit more of encouragement to get off my seat and to relax and walk.

People who were in the 300s and 400s earlier this year are now in the low twos.  You see big differences in people’s weight and not as many smokers are here anymore.

My life has been improved because now I can actually breathe, I understood when I started walking I couldn’t smoke anymore, so I stopped smoking.

Tenacity will give you the motivation you need.


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