Why This Contact Center Agent Got Hooked On Tenacity

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The most stressful things about my job is not able to help everyone as I want to and I feel basically overwhelmed that times that I just need to take a break.

Sometimes when it was very stressful, I did really feel like I just wanted to leave and call in sick.

Before Tenacity, I really didn’t go exercising and I really kept to myself, but once Tenacity started within the call center, I started talking more with my coworkers.

Once I actually started with Tenacity, I got hooked on it with all the activities.

All you have to do is just basically hook up your pedometer to the app and it works. And not only do you do the exercises and the breathing the quests were a lot fun because you are able to chat amongst your own colleagues.

It actually lets you think about how your life is going, like the current one that they have is, show your Halloween costume or tell a scary Halloween story.  So yeah, you got to share a lot of your personal life with your coworkers that they are not able to see outside of work.

After Tenacity it seemed like a lot more people were more friendly and I think they thought I was more approachable since I actually do heavily interact within the forum.Tenacity provided a more positive atmosphere within the call center.

With Tenacity, it does encourage you to go out more and walk a lot, do some breathing exercises. Trying to improve your life, I don’t know, I just feel good doing Tenacity.

Tenacity has improved my life.


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