How This Call Center Agent Was Able To Avoid Employee Burnout

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Wednesday, March 1, 2017


“The toughest things about the job is pretty much when we get slammed with calls and it’s back-to-back and just get kind of overworked and burned out and stressed out a little bit.

When I first heard about Tenacity, it was very surprising that this was offered in a call center like I said the previous one I had worked in and we didn’t really have any kind of amenities to keep us involved with each other.

We have the ability through Tenacity and other tools to reach out to each other for a help or just to be like hey, are you having this problem with you know, this system and what not, and just being able to help each other out and give those tips and tricks to try to work around whatever problems we are having.

I kind of started Tenacity because it seemed like a good way to you know, to bond with the rest of the people in my call center.

Tenacity as a whole makes it a lot easier to be in a call center because you are stuck in one spot in a chair in front of a computer, and it gives you that getaway and the time between calls to really just kind of not feel so much like you’re just a little rat in the box

Tenacity was so easy to learn how to use.

Most of the time when I’m all stressed out and I need to just kind of unwind and get my mind back in the game, I’ll reach out to our Tenacity community and see what kind of updates have been posted and our conversations, or even do our breathing exercises which are a god send.

Tenacity itself has just been able to really help me manage my stress a lot better.

I’ll just take a breather just like put the timer on my phone and give myself about a minute and half to just get my bearings and get ready for life.

This is the one site you definitely want your work community to be a part of because it’s going to make everybody feel more bonded together, and if people feel bonded together, they feel more comfortable reaching out and you know, like just have a better working day.”


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