Tenacity Opened Up Crystal’s Call Center Community

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Wednesday, February 1, 2017


There are times when I feel isolated at work because the fact is that, we have to focus on our customers so much, and on top of that it’s we have to put our focus on trying to troubleshoot the issue.

Once I was on board on Tenacity, it was extremely easy to use.

I was like, do they want me to go join a gym or something because I don’t do gyms.

But once I saw that was about breathing and the walking and just, you know, trying to be a little more active I was like, yes, we can do this, I can try this. Why not?

My favorite thing about the Tenacity platform is earning points and being able to be as a community and talk about things. We could win prizes with and give each other advice for little things.

I think it’s opened up to as far as building up a community.

I feel like we found a lot of people that we have a lot of common interests with that are in different departments that we don’t get to interact with very often, besides being on Tenacity and using the community page and stuff.

It’s like one of the selling points of being part of this company is when you come in and you’re like, oh yeah by the way, you can join this

If you want to be a better social community, and being able to feel more comfortable around other people, and being able to win points, and have a good time, and being able to collaborate together sometimes, go for it.  Go for Tenacity.  Tenacity makes you more accountable as a person, or your coworkers and at the same time getting you points for Amazon.  Who can beat that?


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