How Brad’s Call Center Job Improved With Tenacity

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Friday, October 21, 2016


As far as being a customer service agent in a call center scenario, you’re not really human. You’re not– you’re– a lot of people don’t register the fact that when they call a company, they’re not speaking to that company per se, they’re– I mean they’re actually speaking to somebody who has feelings and emotions and things like that, that you can’t really– you can’t really stress well over the phone.

On top of that, even if you’ve been there for a long time, the– the amount of calls that you take where you don’t feel like a human being, or where somebody kind of treats you like garbage, I guess, even one of those could ruin your day. Like just one. Like, you could– you could be having the best day on the planet and you get somebody who I like to call like a cerebral assassin, will get on your line and make you feel pretty low.

I thought about quitting and calling in sick almost every day that I woke up <laughs> at some point. After– after about six months of being kind of a, I guess you would say like beaten down a little bit as far as like the call center aspect, it’s enough to make anybody want to look for other work. Or like find any reason that you can to just not show up.

After Tenacity showed up, positivity reined. It was– things were bad, like I’m definitely not going to sugarcoat the fact that a call center is definitely one of the hardest places to work ever. After the Tenacity program came out people started breathing, people started interacting more, people started feeling human. Like it’s like they stepped out of their home that they’d been in for 10 years. It’s like, there’s air out here, it’s great, you know, things are happy. Tenacity made people happy

It brought people together that I had actually never met in the call center

I’d been working call centers for about a total of seven years.

I never felt a call center get so hyped on one thing until Tenacity.


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