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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


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Tenacity and CCNG partnered for a survey about attrition in call centers. The attrition survey yielded some interesting results about executives’ knowledge of turnover costs in their own organizations. Some key findings from the survey:

• Average monthly attrition rate in the survey was 13.35%. It ranged from as little as less than 1% to as high as 55%.

• Attrition is increasingly impacting compensation of operations executives. 41% of respondents revealed that their salary is either directly or indirectly tied to employee turnover.

• Unlike the attrition rate, the attrition costs are not always well defined and the final number is not always easily available. 73% of survey participants did not know exactly how much money their organization was losing with each attritted employee.

• The average cost of an attritted employee in this survey was $9,352* (for executives whose attrition numbers were well defined).

• 63.49% of respondents were held responsible for loss of productivity due to employee turnover.

• The top productivity metric is the number of completed calls; it was measured by 72.31% of respondents; more than 70% of the surveyed executives track the number of successful calls per day that new agents complete when they are in nesting or in the productivity ramp.

• 81.16% of respondents knew the number of successful calls per day that a “full-baked” agent can handle.


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