How Cristen Improved Her Contact Center Stress Resilience With Tenacity

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Tuesday, March 28, 2017


After a really difficult call I feel like worn out almost, wrung out. Often times just kind of very mentally tired.

I know it’s not a lot of physical work, but the mental energy to take a difficult customer or a really bad call it’s draining

I definitely believe Tenacity has a very important part in the workplace  

I was actually pretty thrilled to find out that there was something that helped with possible relaxation techniques

I mean it’s in some ways both a very scientific and a very almost mental-emotional way of just letting go of the stress.

We all need a way to be able to have a better outlet for our stress. And with Tenacity being able to focus on the steps, being able to do the breathing exercises, managing your sleep better that covers a lot of aspects that can help reduce your stress and that’s one of the best things

I use Tenacity partially for helping reduce stress, like I said the breathing exercises are very conducive to reducing my stress levels, but overall I kind of use Tenacity for almost all parts of my life.  I like being able to keep track of my steps to know that I’m actually taking the time to walk more and try to get more fit you know, then being more aware of my sleep patterns to actually make sure that I get better night’s sleep.  I’m actually finding out just even taking that one additional hour of sleep a night, has done me a world of good and has really lowered my stress levels.

I feel like it actually does bring the work – the whole work community together to a better whole like we are more encouraging to each other, we congratulate each other on our successes.


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