The Employee Experience – Podcast with Call Center Agent

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Friday, April 14, 2017

Most executives are out of touch with the employee experience in their call centers. Ashley, an agent, describes her job in the call center and the demanding work. She points out that the job is very isolating and provides very little time for getting to know coworkers. On top of that, there is very little empowerment to actually solve issues for customers, which put agents in a difficult position. Spending full days being on the phone with angry customers saying things like “why are you even alive?” takes a big toll on a person. It’s no surprise then that industry turnover is so high. Executives need to take care of their agents if they want any hopes of retaining them. It is also hard to take care of a customer if one does not feel that he or she is taken care of, so customer experience suffers as well. Curious how you can improve the work environment for agents to improve retention and customer experience? Let’s talk!


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