Tenacity Improved Lauren’s Call Center Environment

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Friday, October 21, 2016


You’re almost not seen as a person.  You’re seen as a number.  Literally a customer said that to me one day, when I introduced my name.  He said, “You’re just a number to me.

There were seventeen other metrics, five other reports, other meetings and call files that you had to meet, too.  That would definitely be the most stressful when your focus is timed.

How often I thought about calling in sick or quitting, I will tell you every day, nearly every day that I worked at that center, and any shift.

So in the call center I was the point of contact for Tenacity.  I was also the project lead for a lot of project deployments.

With the Tenacity project, it was actually very easy to get people onboard, get people to get curious enough about it to log in themselves, and start navigating themselves, and teaming up themselves, as well.

People were now finding support in groups that they didn’t have before.  You know, there were single moms now getting together.  There were all the gamer dudes getting together, you know.  There were people who didn’t have any interest alike, and now they’re going to the gym together.  So I think it became the support system that, not just a call center needs, but anyone really needs in their life is that opportunity to reach out to someone and make a friend

You would hear the word “Tenacity” just coming out of peoples’ mouths.  Are you doing the Tenacity quest?  Have you joined Tenacity yet?  Do you have a partner on Tenacity yet, you know. Are you gonna be trading on Tenacity, all those kind of things.  Are you earning money with Tenacity?

I could definitely see a change in the center. People were a lot closer, and not just people on the same teams, or people on the same side of the building even, because, again, we’re talking about six hundred, or more, people in different departments

So I overall love that Tenacity brought a unity to the call center, because that’s something that our normal business practices with our company was trying to do for years, for years, and Tenacity was the winning ticket with it.  We were one.


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