What Your Peers Say About Call Center Attrition Costs (Infographic)

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Monday, May 29, 2017

Tenacity partnered with Contact Center Networking Group (CCNG) and ran a survey for call center executives to better understand what they know about attrition costs in their own centers. The results¬†were striking in terms of the measures reported by respondents when breaking down call center attrition costs into stages. This infographic highlights those different stages and shows how contact center executives tend to measure their attrition and what their cost structures look like. For many respondents, some of the costs were unknown or confusing. With no universal standard for measuring turnover, it’s no surprise that so many executives don’t fully understand what their attrition costs actually amount to. If you’re unsure about any of these measurements in your own organization, you’re not alone. To get a better handle on your own organization’s turnover, take a look at this guide to measuring the cost of attrition in call centers.

call center attrition costs


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