Why Selena Stayed In Her Stressful Call Center Job

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The toughest things about being a call center agent would have to be just dealing with the stress I think of just being on the phones all the time.  Trying to make sure you make the customers happy you know, we are trying but sometimes it’s just really hard.

People can be really rude sometimes I guess like cursing us out, telling us how horrible we are at our jobs.

I’ve seen agents get up and like walk off and cry you know, or some even quit after a few days just because they can’t handle the yelling customers.

Especially in my group I know there is a lot of people who do Tenacity, and it helps us to motivate each other to like why don’t we just go walk during our breaks or something so that instead of like just sitting around and not doing anything.

Our manager is there for us to talk.  She also does Tenacity, so we all kind of like get together and we are always talking about like going to do workouts and stuff like that, and I think the working out also helps us to relieve stress.

At my old jobs I thought about calling in or quitting almost every day.  It just wasn’t good.

I couldn’t take it like mostly because we didn’t have the help like we do here with especially with like something like Tenacity.

It felt like you had no outlet to relieve stress or anything.  We are just there and we work our eight hours or 10 hours, and then we went home.  And it felt like you took your stress and like sometimes even the anger with you home.

Other programs that we had at our other jobs didn’t compare to Tenacity.

I use Tenacity because it helps to keep me motivated, to help me keep working out and going.

I’ve lost over 120 pounds.

I do feel like Tenacity has helped me to get more motivated with work because like I said with the stress, it really does help you to like get through your day.

My favorite part of Tenacity is I guess the post and the threads that we can like help each other like either with workouts or talk to each other about you know different places around town we can go to, stuff like that.

You get to know people especially if you’re new and you’re kind of like on your own it will help you to start meeting people and getting you know, like maybe start your own little friendship like your own group.

Tenacity will make your life better by just helping you to relieve stress, to get more motivated and to earn you some money on the side.

I just think Tenacity is really helpful and I really appreciate they all have it here. its part of the reason why I stayed and I kept going on with this


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