Tenacity’s Attrition White Paper

Tenacity Author: Tenacity
Monday, May 15, 2017

Today’s Contact Center is a challenging environment. Agents have the difficult job of juggling sometimes contradictory KPIs, sticking to scripts, and learning tons of technology and process, all while exiled to the lonely world of a contact center cubicle. What does this mean for call center and customer experience executives? It means they have stressed out, strung out agents who can’t handle complicated calls efficiently. For their companies, it means a growing business problem: a workforce that burns out faster, shows up less, produces less, and most expensively, quits more. Following these steps will prepare an organization to make the kinds of well-informed investments that are needed to transform agent quality of life and improve employee engagement and retention in a sustainable manner.

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Tenacity White Paper


Tenacity's employee engagement and retention software transforms your center into a compelling, rewarding and satisfying workplace, helping you retain your agents and deliver a better outcome for every customer.

Tenacity is the only product on the market that is proven to actually reduce employee turnover.
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