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The traditional approach to reducing agent attrition and absenteeism was primarily focused around skill training and coaching, rewards and recognition, and workforce optimization technologies that “optimized the work” but had little impact on agent resiliency and quality of life.

Despite a dizzying array of solutions designed to optimize the agent for reduced churn, the call center industry still suffers from attrition rates at the same level as they were ten years ago.

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A 12% drop in absenteeism within 90 days, freeing up $350K of revenue opportunity.

Tenacity deployment completely funded by the savings in absenteeism alone in just 6 weeks.

25% lower attrition and 2% increase in NPS center-wide in just 6 months.

Attrition rates for new agents using Tenacity dropped from 15% to 5%.

Six month ROI on attrition and absenteeism in one large center was a whopping 671%!

Senior US BPO executive: “Tenacity lowered absenteeism and attrition as projected, delivered a tremendous boost in employee morale, and freed up hundreds of thousands of real revenue dollars in productivity through just the pilot phase of our deployment.”

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